As Canada's Bioeconomy Sector Association, Biomass North advocates for the entire sector.

We strive for open and trusted engagement between government, industry, communities, and academia to build policy, regulations, and strategies that meet those stakeholders economic, environmental, and social needs. This collaborative approach builds on success and helps all regions realize their bioeonomy potential.

Biomass North is communicating with the Province towards developing programs and incentives for relevant biomass-related activities. The Green Ontario Fund will utilize money raised through the province’s carbon cap-and-trade program, to help home and business owners get easier access to GHG-reducing technologies by aggregating information, incentives and low-cost financing programs. Contact us for details.
Through our letters to Ontario's respective Ministers, we proposed the Ontario government take a step back in pursuing major liquified natural gas (LNG) investments in the province, and weigh ALL the options available to achieve it's mandate while levelling the playing field for proven, cost-effective options that do NOT lock the north into a fossil fuel future.
Biomass North has sent information letters to the Ontario MNRF, MOE&CC, MAA, and MOE to help the respective Ministers understand how the NO-BS supports their mandates. You can view the letters and the various responses here.
The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change sought input and direction on the best options to reduce Ontario GHG emissions and the Biomass North team was invited to participate in several roundtables. Transitioning the province to a low carbon bioeconomy, as several northern European jurisdictions have learned, would yield significant GHG emissions reductions, while driving economic growth and earning social dividends.
Ontario's focus on renewable power and lack of focus on renewable heat is a critical policy barrier to realizing the economic, social, and environmental benefits of transitioning to a sustainable low-carbon bioeconomy. The Biomass North team gathered input from its stakeholders and made a submission to the Long Term Energy Plan consultations in 2013. Our contribution led to the inclusion of bioheat in the 2013 LTEP.

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