The Biomass North Development Centre's mandate IS developing a robust and sustainable Canadian bioeconomy.

A sustainable bioeconomy drives positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. Canada's traditional forest bioeconomy, based largely on pulp & paper production and building materials for the US market, has been hard hit by technology and market changes, resulting in thousands of jobs lost and underutilized harvests and forestry residues. A robust bioeconomy will deveop new supply chains and innovative products.

Biomass North drives sector transformation for our members by:

  • Creating and supporting a sector association representing the entire supply and bioproduct value chain
  • Developing regional and community bioeconomy development roadmaps and strategies
  • Driving policy reform and modernization to smooth barriers to bioeconomy development
  • Designing new business and entrepreneurship models that reflect northern cultural values and goals
  • Building strategic alliances between international and regional stakeholders to build successful bioeconomy initiatives
  • Advocating for municipalities, northern First Nations, and organizations that support the development of a sustainable bioeconomy

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