Canada's leading business alliance forum on natural resources took place from November 11-13th in Sudbury, Ontario.

Naturallia is designed to connect businesses and facilitate local, regional, national and international exchanges. This year, Naturallia brought together more than 100 companies from over 14 countries in the following sectors:

  • Value-added Forest Products and Processes
  • Mining Supply and Services
  • Smart Energy Development, Supply and Services
  • Advanced Manufacturing

Event Details

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Click here to view our Northern Bioeconomy Delegation information package for Naturallia 2015 (more below).

How It Works

Described as “speed dating” for business, Naturallia participants are matched for one-on-one meetings during forums on international trade, investment and business development.

Prior to the event, participants will complete a registration form and questionnaire to provide details on their company background and business objectives. Participants will then receive a Naturallia catalogue, request meetings with up to 20 companies listed in the catalogue, and are then matched using an advanced software application.

As a result, participants will have up to 14 pre-qualified 30 minute meetings based on one’s selection criteria, as well as countless networking opportunities throughout the duration of the conference. Naturallia 2015 will also include expert speakers, trade exhibits, industry tours and more.

Northern Bioeconomy Delegation

Biomass North was a Head of Delegation representing companies and organizations to further their goals within the national and international bioeconomy. Our Northern Bioeconomy Delegation included groups involved in forestry and biomass, academia, equipment manufacturing, bioproduct development, and related businesses with current or planned operations within the bioeconomy.

In addition to the standard Naturallia passport and services, by joining our Northern Bioeconomy Delegation we provided:

  • An immediate network of bioeconomy experts and fellow delegates
  • $50.00 reimbursement on your Naturallia ticket purchase (upon completion of the post‐Naturallia survey)
  • Free exhibition booth space at our Northern Bioeconomy pavilion (on a first come first serve basis while space is available)
  • Guidance with the registration process and Naturallia match-making software
  • On-site “eyes and ears” support at the event – including guidance with pre-arranged meetings, seeking and facilitating additional meetings, managing logistics, and more
  • Support and assistance with follow-up activities after the event
  • Information on travel costs, hotel accommodations, meals and various other logistics. Delegation members will be required to book their own travel plans, accommodations and meals, and at their own expense

Click here to view the Northern Bioeconomy Delegation information package.

2015 Forestry Automation Expo

On November 10th in Sudbury, the Biomass North Development Centre hosting the 2015 Forestry Automation Expo to showcase the latest developments in automation, equipment, technologies, training and safety - the key components of a successful strategy for developing tomorrow’s workforce.

The Expo brought harvesters, sustainable forest licensees, equipment providers, forestry partners and professionals, and entrepreneurs to the one day event. More than just a traditional tradeshow, equipment vendors and service providers will deliver ongoing breakout and information sessions throughout the day.

Hosted in the same week as Naturallia 2015, the Forestry Automation Expo was an ideal bridge event for those Naturallia participants, exhibitors and sponsors that sought to connect with the forestry sector in Ontario.

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