Biomass North builds Canada's capacity to develop bioenergy solutions and create new markets for innovative bioproducts.

The Biomass North Development Centre's team has a long history of developing the skilled workforce necessary to realize the full potential of a northern bioeconomy. We're helping to create high-value jobs and spur economic development in Canada by developing learning materials and delivering training sessions that build a skilled bioeconomy workforce.

For seminars, workshops, and training needs, Biomass North has demonstrated expertise in:

  • Advancing sectoral competency and opportunity awareness through community and regional information seminars and engagement sessions
  • Developing new programs, curriculum, and learning materials for northern colleges and universities
  • Organizing and facilitating community and regional design charrettes to develop bioenergy and bioproduct solutions that meet local needs
  • Designing and delivering PDH-eligible training sessions and knowledge workshops for engineers and technologists

Connect with Biomass North to organize a seminar or workshop for your community or organization.

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